How To Join

How to Join the Lodge and Become a Mason

The best way for you to know what to expect as a member, would be for you to first read the information our Grand Lodge has compiled at

Once you have done this, we invite you to join us and the other brothers for dinner prior to our next stated communication (monthly membership meeting) which is held on the second Monday of each month. Here you can ask questions, meet many of the brothers and get to know some of us prior to making your decision to petition.

Dinner: 6:30pm. Open to the Public and all interested individuals, friends and families.

Stated Meeting: 7:30pm.  Members only.

Becoming a mason involves a process of three initiation degree rituals.

  • First Degree – Entered Apprentice
  • Second Degree – Follow Craft
  • Third Degree – Master Mason

Each degree consists of an allegorical reenactment designed to convey the lessons of Freemasonry to the candidate through a memorable experience followed by a coach assisted period of memorization exercises to reinforce the meanings of the lessons.

Each degree requires 1-3 months of training depending on the time and effort each candidate can commit to working with their assigned coach.

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